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No idea is too small

If you are a nurse or a nursing student in the United States you can participate! Submit your idea about how older people care or dementia care can be improved. You can submit as many ideas as you want, all in English.

Winners receive

€ 6000 Prize

Diploma from HM Queen Silvia of Sweden

Tailor-made Learning Opportunities

International Networking

Award Ceremony in Stockholm


  • Who can apply?
    Practicing nurses and student nurses in participating regions - Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania or University of Washington.
  • When can I apply?
    Receiving submissions from September 1 to November 1, 2024.
  • What kind of ideas are you looking for?
    Please submit any idea (either theoretical or that has or has not been implemented) that improves older people or dementia care.
  • How many times can I apply?
    You are welcome to apply as many times as you would like.
  • Can I apply in my own language? Do I need to know English?
    Please apply in the local language of the selected region. Most project activities (jury meeting, other meetings) as well as communication with organizers in your region will take place in the local language. Skills in English are not mandatory, though it would be helpful since the Grand Ceremony and some other international activities will take place in English.
  • Who are the jury members?
    National Jury members are partners of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award program in the specific region. These organizations have a shared interest to elevate nursing talent in their respective regions. They will work together to assess all submitted ideas.
  • How will the ideas be assessed?
    1. Problem-solving scope: Is the problem addressed relevant? What would be the benefits to nurses or care teams if they adopt your idea/solution? Creativity of the idea 2. Scalability or time-to-implementation: How widely do you see the (potential) implementation of your idea/solution? Is the process of implementation well thought through? 3. Candidate Assessment: Is the candidate prepared and ready to defend the submitted idea/solution? Is the candidate able to communicate with ease, engage with the jury, able and use science-based evidence to convince jury of the strength of the idea/solution? Can the candidate become an active advocate representing the nursing profession and the award?
  • How do I know if I get further in the selection process?
    Finalists will be announced December 18, 2023. Each finalist will be personally contacted by local organizers.
  • How will the finalists be announced?
    6 national finalists will be revealed publicly in December, 2023 – via social media and other means of communication. The finalists will be based from the best ideas/solutions selected by the jury.
  • What happens at the Jury Meeting?
    At the beginning of December, the Jury Meeting takes place. It is a half-day online or live event in each participating region. This is an opportunity for the jury to hear each nursing finalists’ idea being presented formally. Presentation of the idea is about 10 minutes in length. This is followed with a Q&A session by the jury.
  • When the winner will be announced?
    The winning scholars of all participating regions will be publicly named on the 18 of December 2023, in honor of the tradition of announcing the winning scholars on Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden’s birthday.
  • What do I need to know if I win the Queen Silvia Nursing Award?
    As the selected scholar of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, you will be entitled to a Euro 6000 scholarship as well as tailor-made learning and networking opportunities with the partners in your region. Additional international activities might also be organized. It is expected that you will receive your diploma from HM Queen Silvia of Sweden at a Ceremony in Stockholm (costs covered). As a winning scholar, you must be able participate in major activities related to the project (e.g. award ceremonies, main scholar meetings) and be willing to represent the award in public (interviews, social media posts, etc).
  • Where will my idea be announced?
    Your name, your organization or university name, idea(s) and image may be used On project’s and partner’s social media channels In the annual announcements of best ideas on project webpages, newsletters and other channels Media press releases and other project communication if you become a scholar
  • What happens after the 18 December announcement?
    In 2023, all selected scholars will be called to a meeting with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award organization in your country to begin mapping out the tailor-made learning opportunities for the year ahead. Local and international ceremonies of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award will be arranged throughout spring 2024. Any costs for travel will be covered by the Queen Silvia Nursing Award organization and the partners in your country. At the Queen Silvia Nursing Award Grand Ceremony in Stockholm, Spring 2024, the scholar will receive a certificate directly from HM Queen Silvia of Sweden.
  • When do I receive my scholarship?
    You will receive your scholarship of Euro 6000 (or equivalent) shortly after the Grand Ceremony but no later than before the start of another project cycle (September 2024).
  • Do I have to do the tailor-made learning opportunities?
    The tailor-made learning opportunities are an integral and mandatory part of the scholarship program. These opportunities are tailor-made for your schedule and availability. Examples of activities might include: Introduction to partner organizations Joining a partner organization on their conferences, workshops or educational activities Working alongside the nurses at an elderly care home Visiting different hospital departments and join to learn about the procedures and the nurse’s role in different processes Visit a product manufacturing company to learn about their company and what role nurses can have in their organisation Take part in sales or marketing activities with Main Partner or Partnering organizations Meeting winners and participants of the Award from other countries (online or physically) The Queen Silvia Nursing Award organizer and partners in your country will work with you to flexibly arrange these activities so that you are able to receive a wide-range of perspectives within healthcare and parallel industries. Please read through the Scholar Agreement for more information.
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It means a lot to be recognized for my creativity and ideas… the Queen Silvia Nursing Award was the first time I started really recording ideas and playing around with the concept of making something work.

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Queen Silvia Nursing Award Sweden, winner 2019

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